Day Practice - Evening Practice


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How do you want to sleep? Do you want to sleep and dream the way you spend your day? Perhaps restless, agitated, hurrying too much and maybe a little stressed. If you think and feel these thoughts when you fall asleep most of your dreams will become like that. If you want to do seven or eight hours of restlessness meditation then you should fall asleep restless. Then again if you want to do restful meditation for peace and joy for the whole night you might want to do something else. The moment of falling asleep is the most important for your night. So you should pay careful attention to it.

Evening practices for sleep yoga might be numerous including meditation, setting your intention for the night, letting go of anything disturbing your mind, body and energy, but the most important thing is to find a peaceful restful state of being and you dreams will mirror it. You will wake well rested and energised and ready to give your peace and joy for the world the next day.