Day Practice - Morning Practice


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The morning and or the moment of waking up is a good time to notice how your night went. You will concentrate on remembering your dreams. If you don’t remember your dreams how are you supposed to remember to become conscious of them? Everybody sees on average about one and an half hour of dreams every night. This is about the duration of a long movie. So the problem is not seeing them but remembering them. We dream in small pieces or periods and the trick is to paying attention to dreams at the very moment you wake up. If you rise and go to kitchen the chances are that any dreams have already vanished from you mind in seconds after wake up.

There are many things you can do to increase your dream recall but the most important is that you value them. If you want to know how you fare in live and spiritual practice you should pay attention to your dreams. They tell you your minds most innermost and intimate thoughts and feelings. Whose dreams are you seeing anyway? Yourself or somebody others? In the ancient times a dream yoga teacher paid first very close attention to the students dreams to see if the student was ready for the precious teaching to liberate one’s mind for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Your dreams will tell and guide you on what you should pay attention in your life. Your dreams will change when you change yourself. So follow your dreams and try to understand what they tell you about how you keep yourself emotionally and intellectually. Dreams don’t lie.