Night Practice 1 - Energized Well-Being


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Do you want to dream peaceful dreams? Try falling asleep peacefully. Why peacefulness and the calmness of mind is so important? Think how nice a person you are when restless and agitated? It is very hard to be friendly and tolerant towards anybody including yourself if you are experiencing restlessness and have hard time being present.

To have a lucid dream you will need to be fully energized, calm and feeling well. Lucid dreaming when fatigued is near impossible. So take care first that you get healthy food, get enough bodily exercise and that you are well rested and recovered from any struggles of life. There are many practices of body, energy and mind that you can do to find a deep inner balance and well-being that will make lucid dreaming easier for you.

One great place to find a calm and joyful satisfied place inside you is to use your breathing to calm and balance your energy in order to fall asleep at peace. This will bring you peaceful dreams instead the usual restless dream images that come from habitual thoughts and emotions through a day. This will help you to fall asleep feeling calm and satisfied. It will also clean your mind from any thoughs and disturbing feelings. Your sleep will be more refreshing and you will wake fully energised even if you don’t see a lucid dream.

You will know that you have progressed when you start to feel more energised, calm, comfortable and satisfied feelings in your life. Whenever you feel out of balance or tightness or pain in your body you can do a simple breathing exercise to find that inner peace and satisfaction that a simple presence offers.

Most of us have deeply rooted emotions and habitual thought patterns that create the misery we find ourselves in. It might take some time to let go of them but it is possible. Whenever you find yourself feeling restlessness or unsatisfactory experiences stop blaming outside causes because these thoughts really rise only in your mind and feelings. They do not rise in somebody else’s mind or feelings. They are yours and you own them. You can decide what is your reaction to them. Just let go and find that calm and satisfied warm presence inside you and then decide how you want to act on those outer circumstances that seem to cause so much trouble in your life. You always have the choice. Use it to free your mind.

If you manage to fall as sleep in energized well-being, lucidity and conscious presence in dreams will become much closer to you.