Night Practice 4 - Fearless Confidence


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The purpose of finding deep peace and clarity with strong presence in a lucid dream (or life) is that you can meet any fearful dream images, characters or situations fearlessly. After all they are happening in your own imagination so what is there to be afraid of. Would you be afraid of a monster you have just drawn on paper? What is the difference if you draw the monster in your imagination? The worst thing that can happen is that you wake up in your bed under a warm comfortable blanket.

Meeting and facing experiences that you fear have a deep healing purpose in lucid dreaming and dream yoga. When you find peace and acceptance with difficult situations in a dream you are actually facing yourself and any energetic blockages in your emotions that might be totally subconscious for your waking self. You are dreaming of your own thoughts, emotions and reactions in a symbolic form. There is nobody else in your dreams so you are experiencing yourself and can release any energy that is keeping you stuck. Doing this in a dream might be even more effective than when awake because you don’t have to deal with intellectual restrictions you usually have during day.

Release the energy that is keeping you from resting in deep peace and joy. It will appear in your dreams as fearful images, dream characters or situations. Face it and let it go. Facing it means that you acknowledge it, accept and embrace it with warm feelings and are conscious of it without running. If you keep running away from it you will never be free. In a dream you can work with the most intimate parts of you that want to be free. Face them and let them go. Learn from any wisdom and insight they might give you about your life.

You don’t have to understand the energy intellectually necessarily. The healing towards wholeness of yourself can happen purely through emotional energy releasing in a dream when you are conscious. This is magic of the dreams. You don’t necessarily have to go through years of therapy. A couple of lucid dreams with high presence and resting in peace and comfort might do the same. By all means go to therapy also if it helps you. Healing in dreams usually require that you already have some sense of stability and integrity inside you. Practising dream yoga and lucid dreaming will grow these in you making yourself a better and more benign person towards yourself and others. If you can’t accept yourself the way you are how are you supposed to do this for others?