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Dream yoga has been thought throughout centuries in different traditions especially the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The first texts are from the 7th century and it was a one of the six yogas of the famous Naropa (1016-1100 CE). The actual experiential tradition is likely to go before centuries in the oral teachings. Different traditions emphasize different aspects and the practice described here loosely follow the tibetan tradition.

Any interpretations and emphasis here is done solely by the author after 30 years of lucid dreaming and 10 years of dream yoga practice. Any mistakes are my own and should not deter you from finding a fully qualified master who can teach you the wisdom of these wonderful ancient traditions in a personal way that will capture your enthusiasm and will increase your appreciation of the sacredness of these teachings to free your mind from all attachment and resistance to find your true inner presence for the benefit of others.

In the end you are by yourself with your mind and it’s reactions. You can not take any device or your smartphone into a dream or after death. You need to train your mind and presence to be free of grasping and resisting and the ignorance of who you really are genuinely and authentically without pretence and attachments to the roles life has given you. In order to radically free you need to be fully present and awake.

Otherwise your habitual thoughts and emotional reactions will toss you around like autumn leave on a gust of wind or like dream images while you are dreaming unconsciously. When you learnt to be free of these even momentarily you will start to find ever growing peace and joy of being you can share with others as actions of warmth, compassion, friendliness and love. Share them as a gift from your presence in all your bodily actions, gestures and expressions, share them as good words of speech and share them as good intentions of the mind. This way you will teach others to let go also and find this magical heart opening inner presence.