Deep Peace and Joy of Being


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The secret of life that eastern and tibetan traditions have tried to tell us the humanity for millenias is that there is nothing that is stopping you feeling deep peace, satisfaction and joy of being in your life right now. At this second. There is no hurry though. You can take your own time.

You might think that you can’t be at peace and feel joy of life because you are too fat or thin, or you are too poor or rich, or you are too ugly or beautiful, or you have too little or too much friends, or you have too little or too much love. All these thoughts and deeply rooted feelings are a construction of your own mind like a dream that you can wake up from. This dream is supported by millions of people around you in the whole society and communities you live in.

But nevertheless they are just thoughts and feelings that rise in your mind and you believe them to be true because it is a habit and this habit is shared by most of the people. A shared dream or nightmare in some cases doesn’t make it true and real. You can wake up from these shared thoughts and emotions like you wake up in a lucid dream and realise it is a dream and it no longer can hurt you. All you have to do is just to stop thinking and release any feelings that you might keep and start experience expanding peace and joy free from the illusion of waking dream. You can then start to experience life directly as it is without intellectual interpretations and clouding habitual thoughts or emotions. You will be surprised how much deep calm and satisfaction you start to experience without any effort or outside causes. You will be happy without a reason. You will realise that all the happiness you have been striving for all your life from outside causes can truly be found inside you without any outer conditions whatsoever.

When you realise and experience this you can start to share this peace and joy with others and make them feel a little bit better too until they are ready to let go also and let everything be as it is without making too much of a fuzz with it. Experiencing life without interfering thoughts or emotions might require some stability in your mind so that you are not overcome and taken away by your own thoughts and feelings. But with practice you will be able to sustain more and more times of that healing presence.

Dream yoga and lucid dreaming practice is an excellent way of developing this stability and presence. Entering a lucid dream is also a direct reward of your mind and presence skills. You know that you have achieved something extraordinary that only a few have managed to do in history of humanity with conscious dedication. You have freed your mind from outer circumstances and experience your true self without conditioning thoughts or feelings. Now if you are an experienced lucid dreamer this might not seem like anything special. after all you do it every now and then in your lucid dreams. But thing if you can do this when you are awake. You would no longer have any trouble, suffering or pain caused by your thoughts or emotions. You can just rest in total peace and joy no matter what happens. This is the true goal of lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice. It will make you a better more compassionate person.

When you experience this undisturbed presence while awake you will be amazed how it transforms your life and life of the people around you. There is no longer any need to argue or fight or feel anger or resentment. These are feelings that pass away and you can continue to rest in deep and peaceful presence and satisfaction. Sure you can make any adjustments in the course of your life you like but you will be making them from a deeper place inside you and no longer from the contracted self view of petty thoughts and feelings of small thinking self.

In dream yoga the purpose of life is to find a peace, deep inner satisfaction and joy of life day and night regardless of the outer circumstances of your life and share it with others with compassionate actions of body, speech and mind.