Daytime Practices


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Did you think that dream yoga and lucid dreaming were night practices? Think again. When you are unconscious in a dream tossed by dream images, association of thoughts and emotions it is too late to do anything. If you want to become lucid and gain consciousness in your dream you need to practice during day. And dream yoga is about making your day better also not just your night.

Lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice is intensive with day and night practices. During day you will develop your presence and inner calm to stay conscious without losing yourself in disturbing thoughts or emotions. During day you train lucidity and presence that you can take with you into dreams. You train to recognise a dream and any habitual thoughts and feeling that you carry with yourself. If you don’t train throughout a day it is very difficult to recognize a dream during a night. You just go on with your habitual thinking and presume that what you are seeing is real.

Your daily thoughts and emotion are greatly affecting your dreams every night. People tend to see dreams about the experiences they have had during a previous day. What thought and emotion you entertained yourself today with? Do you want to dream about them also to night? If not you will need to learn to clean your mind before going to bed. You can do this through a practice of calm and presence or meditation if you like to call it that.