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Lucid dreaming as spiritual path

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In a lucid dream you know that you are dreaming and can do whatever you want while consciously present and know that you are in the world of imaginary illusion that looks and feels real. In a dream yoga lucid dreaming is used as a method of spirituality and a mind skill to find deep inner peace and presence inside a flowing mind of thoughts, feelings and images night and day.

Lucid Weaver Dream Yoga is an app that will guide you in a lucid dreaming practice through day and night and monitor your progress in finding a stable, calm and joyful inner presence through Android Wear smartwatch sensors. It measures your beat to beat heart rate. Your every thought and emotion will alter your heartbeat and will be mirrored in your breathing. Lucid Weaver can monitor this and motivate you to find the right way to practice stable inner presence and joyful being that is required to become aware of your dreams and to become more friendly person towards yourself and others during day.

Lucid Weaver has a sister app for western Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming techniques Go WILD

Day practice

If you never think about dreams during day you will not do it while sleeping either. Most of the dream yoga practice is done at day time while awake. After all the purpose is to find deep presence in your life and in your dreams. Lucid Weaver Dream Yoga app can monitor your presence and focus by following your heart rate with Android Wear smart watch sensors. Your every thought and emotion is reflectecd on your heart beat and breathing.

Night Practice

Dream Yoga practices are done in the night. You will learn to find energised wellbeing, stability of mind, clear presence and fearless confidence that will bring you lucid and helps you to encounter any difficult dream or life situations from deeply resonating place of presence full of peace and joy of being. Lucid Weaver Dream Yoga app in your Android Wear smartwatchcan can monitor your you sleep stages during night and wake you up when the practice time is most optimal.

Sleep Monitor

Lucid Weaver will analyse your sleep and stages from light to deep sleep and REM dreaming. You can see that you get enough rest while training lucid dreaming and dream yoga. Remember that dream yoga while exhausted is difficult. So take care that you get enough restorative sleep so that you have enough strength to keep your mind effortlessly focused for lucid dreaming.

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Dream Yoga Guide