LucidWeaver is a mobile phone app for sound induced lucid dreaming. Use a dream cycle timer to catch your dreams and train lucid dreaming. What dreams will you weave tonight?

Lucid dreaming means knowing that you are dreaming while it is happening. It is a learnable skill that allows you to decide what is going to happen in your dream. You can control your dreams or soar up to the sky!

LucidWeaver gives you periodic sound cues called Dream Alarms during REM-states when dreams are seen. This will greatly improve your dream recall which is crucial for learning lucid dreaming. Dream Alarms can also be used for advanced lucid dreaming practice. LucidWeaver keeps on reminding you to do Reality Tests during day. Of course LucidWeaver can be used as ordinary alarm clock.

Lucid dreaming

Catch more dreams. With LucidWeaver's repeating Dream Alarms you can catch much more of your dream periods during a night than you would by waking up spontaneously.
Find your sleep cycle lenght. With LucidWeaver you can find you personal sleep cycle length and the times when most of your dreams are seen.
Don't move. LucidWeaver differs from normal alarm clocks in that you don't have to shut off LucidWeaver's dream alarm manually. You can lay still and don't move. This way you can keep your relaxed state after a brief arousal. Your body is perfectly relaxed but your mind is totally awake. This is a perfect moment to concentrate fully on lucid dreaming practice or to improve your dream recall.
Do more reality tests. LucidWeaver keeps on reminding you to do reality tests during a day. It also has a practical reality test button. You can test if you are dreaming or not with your mobile phone.
Tutorial. LucidWeaver manual has extensive instructions for beginning and advanced dreamers on how to learn lucid dreaming.
Comfortable. You don't have to wear a mask or anything else uncomfortable at all. LucidWeaver works on your mobile phone using timed periods that you can adjust to your personal sleep cycle.
Affordable. Compared to expensive lucid dreaming products on market (like Novadreamer or REM-dreamer) LucidWeaver is affordable software.

With LucidWeaver as your constant companion in your mobile phone, learning the art of lucid dreaming is easier than ever.